Welcome to my new site!

My name is Hanan Levin, and you can usually find me on my popular linkblog Grow-a-Brain. Here on this site I am going to document my travels - and hopefully my eventual relocation - to New Zealand.

Even though I've not been there before, I've always dreamt of life in New Zealand. I remember reading this poem by Dalia Rabikovitch, (which reads nearly like the 23rd Psalm)

As for me,
He maketh me lie down in green pastures
In New Zealand...
Truehearted people herd sheep there,
On Sundays they go to church
In their quiet clothes.
No point in hiding it any longer:
We're an experiment that didn't turn out well,
A plan that went wrong,
Tied up with too much murderousness.

... But there were other reasons beside the poetic why the idea was appealing to me: New Zealand seems so far away from everywhere else, so quaint, beautiful, peaceful, nuclear-free, hassle-free, casually-liberal...

So now I am going to make my dream a reality. This blog will document my pursuit of immigrating there - if possible, by my target date of May 1st, 2008. The first step, of course, was to book a trip to the islands in order to see if I even like it there. I will briefly describe here the Christmas 2005 trip starting now. If it feels right after this trip, I will dig into the mechanics of what it takes to immigrate to New Zealand, and how the process works for me.

There are many considerations that needs to be evaluated to make this a smooth and successful move, legal, financial, lifestyle, micro-political, social, etc. As I explore them all, you may have a chance to learn about them too. My goal with posting the process as a public forum is to develop a central location for folks who'd like to do the same.

Enjoy, explore the site, and please participate with comment, questions & support.

About the name: KoruKoru is a repetition of the word "koru" from the unfurling frond of the fern plant... perhaps a suitable symbol for a rebirth of sorts? "Korukoru" is also the name for the beautiful scarlet mistletoe of New Zealand, and for the Maori word for "turkey", which may also be apt symbol!